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How To Replace Golf Spikes

Golf spikes need replacement twice a year. That’s the standard. However, replacement ultimately depends on how often you play golf. The more often you hit the greens, the more worn your golf spikes get. When it comes to replacing golf spikes, the steps are so easy you can do this in no time! Now while […]


How To Properly Correct an Over-the-Top Golf Swing

An over-the-top golf swing occurs when a golfer’s upper body is out of sync with his lower body, creating an “outside going in” swing. Correcting for this will allow you to hit the ball squarely with your clubface, reducing the ball’s tendency to go in undesirable directions. Here are some tips for properly correcting an […]


How To Select a Golf Glove

When playing golf, it’s important to have the proper gear and equipment so you can perform at your best. Aside from shoes, there’s the apparel such as shirts, hats and pants. One other important item to have when playing golf is the proper gold glove. A golf glove will ensure that you have the best […]


How To Select a Belly Putter

Playing golf started out as a hobby for many people. Over time, the hobby has developed into competitive sport that even a friendly round can turn into a betting situation where each golf swing matters. When the stakes are even higher, this is when you will need your golf equipment to rise to the occasion. […]


How To Use a Golf Glove

Golf gloves are one of the things that you need whenever you go golfing. The golf gloves are not just there to protect your hands from bruises and calluses when using the golf club. They are also useful for improving your golf swing. Golf gloves are able to support the wrist and control the movement […]


How To Use Competition in a Charity Golf Tournament

Golf is a popular sport that is being played by a number of people. There are numerous amateur and professional players around the world belonging to different groups in society. With the growing mass appeal of golf tournaments, it has become a good vehicle for charity events, mostly with celebrities and well-known figures featured as […]


How To Repair Leather Golf Club Grips

Not every golfer puts emphasis on golf club grips. In fact, the only time golf club grips are noticed is when they already have damages. As with anything, it is better to spend effort and money on golf club grip maintenance than on repair. But in the unfortunate event that your leather golf club grip […]


How To Do the Best at Cheerleading Tryouts

If you want to be a cheerleader, there’s one nerve-wracking experience you have to go through. Tryout! But although it makes you tremble, you have to perform flawlessly, without showing a hint of fright and nervousness. It sounds impossible, but if you are committed to doing your best, you will forget anything about your nervousness […]