How To Do a Liberty in Cheerleading

The lib or liberty stunt in cheerleading is often included in the intermediate or advanced level. That means this is difficult to do compared to other simpler stunts.

But once done, a liberty can wow the audience just like how it did in 1976 when the stunt was performed for the first time. Its stunning beauty makes the lib one of the favorite cheerleading stunts until these days.

The liberty stunt resembles the Statue of Liberty. This is a one-legged stunt performed by lifting the flyer, who will stand on his dominant leg and form the letter “V” while she’s on top. Just like other cheerleading stunts, the lib will be successful if everyone is working together.

Members Needed for the Liberty Stunt

Here are the cheerleading members needed to make this stunt a success:

  • Primary base. This is usually the strongest of all the bases because she needs to take most of the weight. She supports the flyer by holding her toe and heel.
  • Secondary base. She positions parallel to the primary base. She holds under the flyer’s foot and grip the flyer’s top foot.
  • Back spot. She positions at the back of the flyer, supporting the flyer’s buttocks and ankles. She helps the flyer fly up to the air. Once the flyer is on top, the back spot adds support for the locked leg.
  • Front spot. She is an optional member of the stunt. She comes in once the flyer is already in the air. She holds the primary base’s wrist for better support.
  • Flyer. She will perform the liberty stunt. She starts the stunt by placing her dominant foot into the stunt bases’ hands. She uses the bases’ shoulders as support when getting on top.

Do the Liberty in Cheerleading

All these members are needed for a safe and successful liberty stunt. Here’s how to do that:

  • Signal preparation. This can be done by clapping on a count of one-two. All members should do this as a signal that they are prepared to do the stunt.
  • Set. Count three-four to set for the liberty stunt. This means all members should prepare for the actual liberty. The flyer readies her dominant leg and the bases are already supporting her for the stunt. Bases should keep their feet apart for stronger support.
  • Fly. Count five-six and then do the liberty stunt. The flyer will push herself up and the back spot and other bases will help her do that. Once in the air, the flyer placer her weaker foot on the dominant knee to stabilize her posture. Here, the front spot will help support the flyer. The flyer will form the “V” and stay on top for some seconds.

Cradle after the stunt. This is when the flyer falls down and the other members are there to catch her.

Due to the liberty’s popularity, many variations of this stunt are already available like the chin-chin, bow and arrow, arabesque, scale, hitch, heel stretch, and torch.

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