How To Snowboard on Rails

Once you have mastered the art of snowboarding, the sport can become a little boring. However, there are still some things you can do to spice up the experience. Snowboarding on rails is one way. Rails are obstacles that you can slide the board through as you go on with your ride.

However, snowboarding on rails is something that is not simple and it can oftentimes be dangerous. With the right guidance, you can learn this trick in no time. Check out this guide to help you snowboard on rails:

Become familiar with the rail you will be riding on

For safety purposes, it is important for you to become familiar with the rail first. This is also to help you know how to ride it effectively. Check out the rail in terms of its height, length, level, feel, and the like.

Do not forget your safety gear

To prevent injury, it is always best to be very careful as you ride on the rail. However, the best way to prevent injury is to wear safety gear all the time.

Master how to jump with your snowboard

To succeed in riding the rail, you must get the hang of jumping with the board. Practice jumping in accordance with the rail’s height.

Aside from this, know how to twist your body as you jump. This is necessary so you can turn the board perpendicular to the rail as you ride.

Prepare to snowboard on the rail

Maintain a short distance away from the rail. This is necessary so you can build up your speed on the board to get you to jump on the rail successfully. When you are already a foot away from the rail, jump with the board and then twist it around 90 degrees.

Maintain a good pace as you ride on the rail

You must have just the right pace so you can succeed in riding the rail. If you happen to be too slow, you will not gain that much momentum to finish until the very end of the rail.

On the other hand, if you happen to be too fast, you can immediately lose control and hurt yourself in the end.

Distribute your weight evenly as you ride on the rail

It is very important that you keep your balance when you are on top of the rail. Distribute your weight evenly on the board so you can prevent yourself from falling from the rail.

You can use your legs in adjusting your weight on the board. For instance, if you think you are leaning to the left more, adjust your leg on the board to the right to balance on the rail.

Ride out of the rail

As you finish the length of the rail, prepare to get off safely. Once you are in the end, twist your board to its normal position and ride it off the rail. You just have succeeded snowboarding on a rail this time.

The rails will always be great obstacles to increase the adventure level in your snowboarding sessions. However, make sure that you are very comfortable and confident before taking on this feat.

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