How To Snowboard (For Beginners)

Snowboarding is a sport that many find fun and engaging. Learning how to snowboard is one great way for you to exercise your muscles during winter while having some fun. Plus, this will also help you anticipate the coming winter season with glee. However, snowboarding is a very serious sport aside from it being very dangerous. Hence, if you want to learn to snowboard, you must learn it the right way. For a beginner like you, here are some guidelines to help learn the sport:

Gear up appropriately prior to snowboarding

Do not forget to wear goggles and gloves before going to the lift. However, the most important gear is your boots. Always ensure that your boots are tightly secured on your feet. Tightly secured boots will make it easier for you to control your board later on.

Determine which your lead foot will be

It is necessary to have decided early on which your lead foot would be. Most of the time, if you are right handed, the best lead foot is the left one. However, this will really depend on whichever foot is more comfortable for you.

Strap your lead foot into the board

Place your lead foot into the bindings and then work on tightening the straps. At this point, there is no reason to tighten the straps too much. You can tighten this later on once you reach the slope’s top.

Ride the lift to the top

Use your free foot to push the line and then sit on one lift. Then, prop the board up onto your free foot so that you are able to take the pressure away from the strapped ankle.

Get ready for a slide

As you reach the top of the lift, ride the board in a way that your body is slightly twisted so that it will be aligned to your lead foot. Prior to this, make sure the straps are already tightened well. Allow the board to touch the ground, push your body away from the chair, stand up and then ride away.

When pushing free, make sure there is no one in your way. Do not get too disappointed in case you fall down. This is usually a part of your experience as a beginner and you will be good at it once you master proper balancing.

Practice snowboarding more often

Find a run that is shallow and clear from obstacles such as trees and jumps. This is the perfect run where you can practice your snowboarding skills. When you are riding the board and you are having trouble with your balance, bend over a little or sit down.

You can also strap the free foot into the bindings tightly. When you are practicing, make sure to master the stop position. The stop position is when you are standing up facing the slope with your board positioned perpendicular to the run.

Know how to slide in both directions on your snowboard

If you want to slide to the left, tilt your hips to the right. Tilt your hips back so you begin sliding to the other direction. Though this sounds easy, this takes a lot of patience and practice.

There are still a lot of things you need to know about snowboarding. However, the most important part to know is the proper execution of the sport and the safety precautions associated with it. With your patience and determination, you can become a great snowboarder.

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