How To Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Patriot’s Day falls on every third Monday of April, the same day the famous Boston Marathon is being held. The Boston Marathon used to be a local event in Boston, Massachusetts but its fame made it rise to one of the world’s well-known race events. It was first held in 1897 after the 1896 Summer Olympics, which had the first modern-day marathon. People who compete in this competition receive very high honors and that’s why it attracts as many as 20,000 participants all over the world. Men and women can join the race but women were not allowed to join until 1972 wherein Roberta Gibb was named as the first woman to run. If you want to join this prestigious event, assess if you qualify for it. Read on.

Check your qualifying standards

Everyone can join the Boston marathon. There are no limitations. But they have a qualifying standard chart that can determine which group of gender and age you are required to have a “running time” that you have to achieve. The length of time will vary for each age and gender. The time increases as the age increases. For example, if you’re at the age group of 18 to 34 years old, your running time should be 3 hours and 10 minutes for men and 3 hours and 40 minutes for female.

Formulate a marathon training plan

Make a 26-week training plan for the marathon. This will include the days and time of training and how long you can run, progressing each training day. Always start slow! Don’t work up yourself at the first try. It will take you some time to get used to the pacing of the marathon. If you run too fast immediately, you will use up all your energy and will be tired before you finish a mile. Bear in mind that the race takes more than 20 miles to finish so divide your energy wisely.

Practice mental games

They said that the body obeys what the mind says so be sure to exercise your mental focus as well. The Boston marathon is not only a physical contest but it can extend to a mental tribulation as well. Practice focusing and keeping a positive attitude while running. Never think of any kind of worse situation. Train yourself to strategically condition your mind to achieve a goal for every two miles. Your mind will trick you into getting into the next two miles plus you won’t be physically exhausted because you have given your run some “breaks.”

Train yourself under any kind of weather or course

There might be some instances that rain or any kind of weather condition (except calamities) can occur during the marathon. It would be best to give yourself the tolerance to run the rain or under the hot sun but with caution. Be sure to exercise pre-caution after training or during training in extreme weather conditions. Keep yourself warm after being drenched in the rain and always have friends carrying water for you during hot days (they can follow you in a car). Once you are conditioned to withstand these conditions, it would be easier for you to run in good weather.

Before engaging in this race, be sure to have your health checked thoroughly by your doctor. Always monitor your body for signs of pain or fatigue as well. But the most important thing to remember would be never to take any enhancement drugs for your performance. Good luck!

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