How To Replace Golf Spikes

Golf spikes need replacement twice a year. That’s the standard. However, replacement ultimately depends on how often you play golf. The more often you hit the greens, the more worn your golf spikes get.

When it comes to replacing golf spikes, the steps are so easy you can do this in no time! Now while you’re at it, you better make sure you replace every worn golf spike on each shoe so that you can swing freely on the greens without worrying about slipping.

Here are the steps for replacing golf spikes.

Purchase the following

New golf spikes, spike fastener, and bright/natural lighting to let you see what you’re doing clearly. Purchase new golf spikes from where you bought your golf shoes so that the store can approximate the circumference of the new spikes that will fit cleanly into your golf shoes.

Or you can go to a golf specialty store to look at a range of choices. You need around 6 to 7 new golf spikes per shoe if you are replacing everything. That’s about 14 new golf spikes for this replacement task.

Prepare the following

You’ll need an old toothbrush and clean rags as well.

Clean the bottom of your golf shoes

Use the toothbrush to remove dirt stuck under your golf shoes. Wipe down thoroughly using clean rags. If you find something particularly icky, do not use your bare hands to remove the offensive icky-something.

Better run some water from the garden hose, while a pool of water collects on the concrete, dip your golf shoes on the pooling water to allow the icky-something to dislodge naturally. Then allow your golf shoes to air dry before proceeding to the next step.

Remove old gold spike one by one

Hold one golf shoe and place it upside-down so that you can see the bottom of the shoe. Then, initially loosen the spike with your hand. Your next step would be to take spike fastener and place it on both sides of the spike.

Do not be confused. The spike fastener also doubles as a spike loosening tool. Twist the spike counterclockwise until the spike completely loosens free from its position or base.

Repeat the same on all the spikes that you want to replace. You can discard the old golf spikes now. You have no use for them anymore.

Twist each new gold spike into place

Replace the base with new golf spikes by positioning each one into the base using your fingers. Using the same spike fastener, twist each one into place by using a clockwise movement this time around.

After you hear three clicks, stop twisting. Three clicks mean you have successfully locked each spike into place. Proceed to replace all the bases of the shoe with new golf spikes.

Repeat the entire procedure again with the remaining golf shoe

When you’re done, walk around to get a feel of how the new spikes are fitted nicely into your golf shoes. Next on the putting greens, make sure you get a tentative first swing in to make sure the new spikes are gripping the greens as they should.

Just a reminder before closing: in case you are replacing metal golf spikes, observe safety precautions so that you don’t cut yourself.

By the way, metal golf spikes are not environment-friendly. How about ditching those metal golf spikes and use rubber or plastic ones instead?

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