How To Snowshoe

Winter does not mean holing up in your home 24/7. There are a lot of winter sports activities that you can engage in.

Even if you are not the snowboarder type, you can always engage yourself in a very fulfilling, thrilling, and healthy activity—snowshoeing.

With the different kinds of trails available, you will never get bored with this experience. To get yourself started, check out these tips on how to snowshoe:

Get the perfect snowshoes for yourself

Take note that there are different kinds of snowshoes in the market. Usually, the kind of shoes you have to grab depends on your planned activities. For instance, smaller snowshoes are best for you if you intend to race. On the other hand, you need to get the long snowshoes if you will be hiking in deep fields of snow.

Prepare for the snowshoe adventure properly

When wearing snowshoes, you can easily snap them on your regular footwear such as hiking boots, snow boots, or sneakers. In terms of your clothes, always avoid those that are made of cotton. Cotton-made fabrics can easily make you feel cold especially when wet.

Since you can never be certain of what will happen to you during the adventure, choose more appropriate clothes to wear. Also, layer your clothes so you can always be ready to take off some of them when your body heat rises, without leaving yourself in a thin shirt.

Use poles for your snowshoeing activity

You may or may not use poles when you are snowshoeing depending on the circumstances. But if you plan to hike or walk in deep snow, using poles can help you deal with the activity better. Plus, if you use poles, you will be able to engage your body in a full workout.

Know how to walk properly in snowshoes

There is not much difference in how you walk when you are wearing snowshoes than your normal walk. However, your feet must be slightly farther apart than normal to allow the movement of the bulky shoes. As you stride and put your foot down, start putting down the heel first and then the toes.

Always snowshoe with a buddy or group

During winter, you can never guarantee the best of all circumstances. It is best to get a buddy to snowshoe with you. Also, prior to leaving home, make sure someone at home knows where you are headed for your snowshoeing adventure.

Explore trails with a group

You can always find great snowshoe trails in your area that you will enjoy. Start from easy trails and as you master the sport, you can begin challenging yourself with more difficult trails.

Always make sure that no matter which trail you take, the condition should be safe enough for you and your companions. This way, you can be certain that you will not be in any trouble with your adventure.

The days of the winter season usually go by slowly. However, if you get the hang of snowshoeing, you can always enjoy the supposedly boring and cold winter days. Plus, you are doing your body a big favor. With every step you take and every trail you finish, you are giving your body a great exercise routine even during the coldest of the winter days. Enjoy!

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