How To Switch Feet while Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an exhilarating adventure. It tests not just your physical endurance but also your mental agility. It allows you to conquer your fears and overcome your limitations.

It pushes you to be methodical and more disciplined. And most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to travel all over the world and visit exciting places.

Rock climbing requires you to develop a number of moves. Once you have mastered them, things become a lot easier to execute.

You get to handle any situation while completing your rock climbing challenge. You become more flexible and sprightly.

However, there is one move that’s rarely encouraged among enthusiasts. That’s switching your feet while rock climbing. Of course, extreme situations may eventually push you to apply or use it.

Here are some instructions on how you can work it out effortlessly:

Strengthen rock climbing position

Check out your right foot first. If you intend to move to your left, pass or position it directly before or just at the back of your left foot.

On the other hand, if you wish to go to your right, put or locate your left foot just ahead or directly after your right foot.

Establish foothold

By this time, your legs are already crossed. So, be careful. Any false move can put you in danger. Focus on the foot that you plan to switch.

Choose or find a hold that is closer to it. Make sure that it is solid. Then, position your opposite foot into the new hold.

For example, if you are moving to the left, place your right foot there. Meanwhile, if you are moving to the right, situate your left foot there. Remember that you can only take out your foothold once you have found another spot for your other foot. Try to move your foot a bit slowly so you adjust whenever necessary.

Uncross and maneuver your legs

This may turn out to be tricky, particularly if your position isn’t that stable. Double-check your previous foothold before you transfer your opposite foot to another one.

Make sure that your foothold is secure. Then, move your opposite foot and place it where your other foot was previously positioned.

Restore your balance

Note the placement of your hands. After switching your feet, figure out how you can adjust your hands and regain your balance.

Don’t put your life in risk

Never attempt rock climbing without proper training. Learn about the basic techniques by joining a rock climbing club in your locality.

Contact a professional or an experienced instructor so he can guide you all the way through your first rock climbing stint. Watch some online video references. There are a number of free sources from the Internet that give rock climbing tutorials. Participate in some of the online discussions and get first hand insights from rock climbing enthusiasts.

Switching your feet while rock climbing is a challenging maneuver. Execute it only when it is extremely necessary. Rely on the other simpler or more basic moves in finishing your rock climbing track.

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