How To Teach a Spinning Class

Spinning or indoor cycling is a wonderful exercise that can be done even during inclement weather. Spinning builds endurance and hones your muscles while helping to improve your cardiovascular functions.

The beauty of spinning is that it can be performed with music, making it more fun and enjoyable, just like attending an aerobics class.

With different music beats you will be able to simulate cycling on flat roads, climbing hills, going downhill and even navigating rough terrain.

Satisfy the requirements needed to get certified and you will soon learn how to teach a spinning class.

Be a qualified instructor

Before you can teach a spinning class you have to be a qualified instructor. The most widely-recognized and respected certification is the one given by Johnny G.

He is the founder of the indoor cycling movement and is the official website for spinning. You can enroll online through this website.

You will receive the official training manual once you have enrolled and paid the enrollment fee. The training takes a whole day to finish.

Afterwards you can take the online examination to finish your certification. Aim to pass the examination with an average score of eighty percent or higher.

Get certification

Aside from your Spinning Instructor Certification it will be of great help for you to be certified as a Fitness Instructor as well as get a CPR Certification. These will be essential considering that spinning is an endurance exercise.

Hone your spinning and teaching skills by attending spinning classes by different spinning instructors. They will have different styles of teaching and you can gain more information and a lot of benefit from observing and combining their best methods and making them your own. Gyms favor those with developed teaching styles as well as those who display flexibility and good rapport with people.

Read or review the manuals and the things that you have learned from your spinning classes. You have to know the different parts of the indoor stationary bike and the function of each part. Body positions and spinning terminology should be memorized, as this will help you and your students to connect and understand one other.

Prepare different sets of music for your spinning class

As your students will go through different phases and paces while spinning, your music selection should be as applicable to the tempo as possible. You should also remember that you have to mix your music with no particular preference but rather to suit the varied tastes of your students.

Prepare your outline or lesson plan

Just like a good teacher would, you should have an outline or lesson plan for each level of spinning class that you teach. You have to keenly observe your students so that you can classify them according to their level of fitness. This is a mark of being a good exercise instructor.

If you have attended an aerobics class, the combination of warm up exercises, mixing of tempo and cool down are tips that you can follow as you prepare your spinning lessons.

Make sure that you have a good mix of the various exercises so that your students will get the full benefit of attending your spinning class.

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