How To Find Affordable Cheerleading Uniforms

Your team may perform the best cheerleading routine. But looking crappy in your cheerleading uniforms is a big step backward from your path to victory.

If you and your team mates are on a tight budget, here are a few helpful tips on how you can find affordable cheerleading uniforms.

Seeking online assistance is always a very wise choice

What with all the numerous cheerleading sites there are on the Internet, you are sure to get quality and affordable finds. There even exist cheerleading catalogs that you can order via the Internet and which are absolutely free of charge.

  • Try Campus Team Wear offers very student-friendly prices for cheerleading accessories, from double-knit sweatshirts and suits to cheer shoes. Plus, shipping is free of charge.
  • Visit They claim to provide very cheap and affordable cheer uniforms not only for you and your squad; they also offer cute cheer uniforms/costumes for children, including sizes for those in their toddler years.
  • is another heaven-sent site perfect for you and your squad’s limited resources. They even promote barter; you can liquidate or trade your old uniforms either for new or used uniforms and other cheer accessories. Transactions are made via eBay so you need not worry about legitimacy.

Facebook is another reliable tool

Simply post your needs. Be specific and regularly check your account for feedbacks.

Aside from the Internet, you might as well try other resources in your locality.

  • Contact cheering squad alumni from your school and inquire on the whereabouts of their former cheer wear. This way you can simply add a little customizing according to today’s modern style, but with less difficulty since they already carry the school’s colors. Plus, being of the same inclination and interests and being from the same school, these former cheer enthusiasts may most likely be more considerate on your part as a hard-working but financially restricted cheer team. They themselves have been there and they can relate to what you are now going through, so the chances that they offer a generous discount are hopefully high.
  • Or you can post ads in your local newspapers. If you have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances from other schools, ask for their help in finding affordable but quality cheer uniforms.

But before you make the final decision on where to spend your hard-raised fund, first discuss with the rest of the squad what type will be well-suited to your needs and style.

Going cheap need not mean looking cheap as well. It is imperative that you consider noteworthy things like choosing quality fabric that will not easily wear and tear come championship period. It also is necessary to choose colors and a motif not very far from your school’s name and mascot.

Finally, ordering your entire squad’s cheer uniforms in bulk is most practical. Purchasing anything in bulk always saves your pocket from extraneous expenses. It is also advised that you plan way ahead of time in order to extend your preparation and fund-raising period.

Never let financial worries limit your horizon. Even with a limited budget, you and your team mates can still wear the best cheerleading uniforms and broaden your chances to bring home the bacon. Truly, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Good Luck!

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