How To Help a Child through Cheerleading Tryouts

Cheerleading tryouts are on the horizon and your child just signed up for it. She asks for your help and you have no idea what to do. Here is how to help a child through cheerleading tryouts:

Know the details of the tryout

First off, you need to gather all the information about the tryout. Find out where it is being held, at what time, what requirements to submit, the whole nine yards. It is very important to do so since you at this point, you can only control what you know and a lack of knowledge could be detrimental to your child’s cause.

Make sure she has all the right equipment

Figure out what she needs for the tryout. Does she have the right clothes and shoes? Does she need a new gym bag? A new water bottle? Her own music? You have to ensure that your child goes to the tryout with everything she needs.

Encourage her to practice

Everyone needs practice. Whether your child is a freshman or a senior, a rookie or a season veteran of the world of cheerleading, she will need to hone her skills before, during and after the tryouts. If your child needs extra outside training, try and make sure she gets it.

Implore upon your child the importance of hard work, discipline and determination. If she is does not possess these traits, she might as well not tryout at all. It takes heart and skill to make the cut and natural talent will not be enough if there are people hungrier than you.

Offer criticism

Of course, you should be able to give constructive criticism. Your child will need your observations and pointers in order to improve and become better at cheerleading.

If you do not know anything about it, you should read up as much as you can about it so that you can give a more informed opinion. Do not tell her off and berate her but do not coddle her either. She needs the truth and coming from you, she will take it to heart.

Be upbeat and offer support

Always remain positive and offer your support whenever you feel like your child needs it most. You must show how much you believe in her all throughout the process and even more so if she does not make it.

It can be very traumatizing for a young child to have her dreams dashed just like that if she does not get picked so you need to be there for her in her time of need.

Avoid meddling

Be involved but do not interfere and become too overbearing. The coach won’t like it, the other players won’t like it and your child won’t like it. You need to strike a balance between letting your child do her own thing and your involvement.

Helping your child through cheerleading tryouts is a great way to bond with her and become more involved in her extra-curricular activities.

Do not get too involved however because you have to let her learn how to succeed for herself. Offer a helping hand and see to her needs when she asks for you but other than that, all she really needs is your love and support.

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