How To Make a Sports Shaker Bottle

Sports is an integral part of any kind of American family these days. Whether it is watching the professionals duke it out live or cheering your children on while they play little league, it is always entertaining and even more fun to be a part of it, however little.

So one of the simplest ways to show your unbreakable team spirit and perhaps even demoralize the competition would be through the use of a sports shaker bottle. In fact, you could show just how eager you are to cheer your children or team on if you make the sports shaker bottles yourself.

So long as you are willing to put out a little effort, then you can even make a whole set of the shaker bottles, passing them out to other supporters of your team so that you can really start to cheer them on to victory.

This article will aid you in achieving that goal by guiding you with instructions on how to make a sports shaker bottles—you only really need to keep reading and follow the steps below:

Start by collecting the materials

You cannot make a sports shaker bottle without the required materials after all, so here is a list of the things you need: an empty water bottle (plastic, and the number of bottles depend on you), a funnel that fits snugly on the water bottle’s tip, plastic beads of all shapes and sizes (you can even use dried peas), some glitter, a glue gun, and some painting tools (the colors should correspond to your team). Once you have collected everything, now you can start making sports shaker bottles.

Pour the beads

Making use of your funnel, gently pour beads of different shapes and sizes (though you should ensure that they will all fit) into the water bottle.

If you wish to play around with the sound, then it depends on how many beads you put in, and how big they are. A good piece of advice would be to have some bottles make more sound than others, so you can go along with the pace of the game using your sports shakers.

Decorate the inside and seal it shut

You can do this by pouring glitter into the bottle as well (what colors to use and how much is entirely up to you). Plastic water bottles are typically transparent, so the glitter should be seen. Once you have finished pouring, you can now close the plastic bottle with its cap, and then seal it up for good with your glue gun.

Paint the outside in team colors

This one should not be too difficult, depending on whether or not you want complicated designs. You should leave some areas unpainted so that the glitter still shines through. When you finish painting and decorating the bottle, then leave it to dry for an hour or so, and that is all there is to it!

Congratulations, you’ve successfully made a sports shaker bottle. Chances are you would want to make more so you can pass them onto your fellow supporters. If that is the case, then feel free—making sports shaker bottles is an easy but fulfilling task.

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