How To Repair Leather Golf Club Grips

Not every golfer puts emphasis on golf club grips. In fact, the only time golf club grips are noticed is when they already have damages.

As with anything, it is better to spend effort and money on golf club grip maintenance than on repair.

But in the unfortunate event that your leather golf club grip is damaged, don’t worry. The original appeal of the leather golf club grip can be easily restored. Consider the following tips.

Inspect your golf club grip

Check your golf club thoroughly and see if there are cracks, splits, and abrasions on it. Remember to inspect real hard as some damages are oftentimes unnoticeable. In fact, if you can check several times, do so.

Buy a repair kit

Repair kits are widely available at golf stores and sports shops. They contain leather oil, glue, soap, and other treatment products for leather golf club grip.

If you spot cracks or abrasions on your leather golf club grip, use the items in the repair kit to correct the damages. You can, for example, use the oil to condition the leather. Glue, meanwhile, is used to seal the cracks.

Use whipstitching

Remember that using whipstitching may affect the size of your leather golf club grip, so use this only if you are not very particular with the grip size.

To use, simply cover the leather golf club grip with whipstitching. This will hide the cracks and abrasions. If possible, you can also wrap the golf club grip with leather before wrapping it with whipstitching.

Re-grip your leather golf club

Re-gripping should be done regularly. Although you can have your leather golf club re-gripped, it will be much cheaper and more practical if you do it yourself.

After all, it is pretty simple to do. Start by removing the old grip using a sharp utility knife. Make sure to remove the grip residue with grip solvent. Next, check if the grip fits perfectly into the club.

If it fits, remove it, so you can put grip tape and grip solvent on the golf cub shaft. Then slip the grip back into the shaft.

Make sure to use a shaft holder to keep the golf club upright and a golf tee to block the vent hole. Wait for around five hours for the golf club grip to dry.

Clean your leather golf club grip

To protect your newly repaired leather golf club grip, it is always best to thoroughly clean it after each game. You can use leather cleaner for this.

After cleaning, apply oil and conditioner, especially to the damaged areas of the grip. Then store your leather golf club properly. Avoid putting it under direct sunlight to prevent damages.

Before making any repairs, you should assess whether it is cheaper to repair the leather golf club grip yourself or have it professionally done.

If you know you can’t fix the grip yourself, better send it to a professional cleaner, so you don’t end up further damaging the grip and paying more.

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