How To Use Competition in a Charity Golf Tournament

Golf is a popular sport that is being played by a number of people. There are numerous amateur and professional players around the world belonging to different groups in society. With the growing mass appeal of golf tournaments, it has become a good vehicle for charity events, mostly with celebrities and well-known figures featured as players and guests.

Golf tournaments can be major crowd-drawers and raise huge amounts of money for charity. Using different competitions around the course will provide you with several opportunities to raise money. Take a look at some of the ideas below on how to use competition in a charity golf tournament.

Celebrity players are huge crowd drawers for players and spectators

Ticket sales for such an event alone can bring good money for charity. You can plan to have celebrity golf paraphernalia auctions, souvenir and merchandise sale, celebrity and public player playoffs and special prizes to draw more crowd support. Golf enthusiasts will feel very honored to be able to play against well-known celebrities.

A one-on-one, one-hole game can be held between celebrities, a birdie game, shortest or longest putt and so on can be organized. Spectators are usually attracted to seeing their favorite personalities at close range. Organize a public golf game where the winner or several winners can get the chance to meet and greet their favorite personality and win special prizes, either donated by the celebrities you have invited or from a sponsor.

Think of mini competitions that you can organize in one of the eighteen holes to be played. Learn the course and see where you can hold a longest putt or a longest drive competition. You can also check where it will be possible to have a lowest round or a closest to the hole drive. With special prizes for these competitions, you can attract more players to participate. Use the peculiarities and the degree of difficulty of the course to create more competitions.

Use the innate competitive spirit of golf players to increase the funds that can be raise for charity. Announce a competition for the highest pledges. Set a minimum amount and encourage the players to raise pledges and the player or club that will be able to raise the highest will win a special prize.

The success of the event depends on your background planning. Organize live entertainment and select very good caterers to provide good food for everyone, aside from good and valuable prizes. These are things that participants and sponsors remember and it will be easier to organize and look for sponsors in the succeeding years.

Organizing a charity golf event is very time consuming and requires good coordination and people skills. The success of the charity event depends on the number of paying participants and spectators, the prizes that will be awarded and the support of local golfing clubs and sponsors.

Venue is very important and most event organizers suggest that you use a private golf course when holding a charity golf tournament.

You will need a lot of clout to invite celebrities and well-known professional golfers to grace the occasion. Timing is also a great factor to consider when organizing a charity golf tournament. It should be scheduled between major golf tours so that celebrities and other golf personalities are more available.

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