How To Run a Marathon in Another Country

These days, more and more people start to be conscious of their health. Aside from maintaining a right diet, many seem to start working out more as well.

Marathon is becoming a popular choice amongst people who want to stay fit and healthy. This is more exciting than simply jogging around the block.

You get to meet a lot of new people and at times, marathons are set up to help a cause. So you get to help as well.

If you want to take it to the next level and join a marathon in another country, this is possible. To know how, read the instructions below.

Do your research

Research online or ask marathon friends of upcoming marathons abroad. Read the details such as when, where, distance of the run, requirements, etc. From here, you can shortlist the marathon you want to join. If you qualify based on the requirements, you can proceed with your plans of joining.

Have a friend join as well

What can be more exciting than joining a marathon abroad with a friend? You both get to have this unique experience and help each other along your way.

Start doing the paperwork

If you are going to a country that does not require a visa due to your citizenship, then you are in luck. You get to save time, money and effort for application and processing. Otherwise, get a list of all the required papers to enable you to travel to that country.


Most marathon now allows you to register in the comforts of you own how by doing it online. Answer the necessary information and pay the registration fee if applicable. Once successfully registered, you will get a confirmation from the organizers.

Start packing

Do a list of the things you need for the trip before you start packing. Do not forget your running shoes, running clothes, water bottle, energy bars, waterproof watch, printout of your registration, and passport.

Be in the country a few weeks before the marathon

This will help you condition yourself by studying the course’s ground and letting your body adjust to the climate. If possible, do some practice rounds on the actual course.

Bring a map of the area with you to avoid getting lost. Using your watch, time how long it will take you and your friend to complete the course.

Be in the venue ahead of time

You will never know if something comes up and an update is announced before the race. Be at the venue at least an hour before the start of your marathon to register and get your race number. If this is a big marathon, expect a long registration line.


This is the moment you have prepared for. Do not forget to time your run with your watch from start to finish.

Load up with carbohydrates and energy snacks before the marathon. Also drink lots of water beforehand to keep you hydrated. Bring a bottle of water or energy drink with you during the race as well. Put on a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.

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