How To Run the 200-Meter Dash

Unlike the 100 meter dash that is over in usually 10 seconds, the 200 meter dash requires a certain level of stamina to keep up the rapid movement of your legs. You also need to have a strategy (and not just running the fastest possible way) since the 200 meters is not that over at once.

You need to know when to reserve your speed and when to let it all out. This article will help you improve your running in a 200 meter dash race. Whether you are practicing or preparing for an actual race, the tips below should help you achieve your goal.

Keeping your head down

You must keep your head low and down at the start of the race especially when you are just about to bolt off. This will make it easier for you to penetrate the air in front of you and at the same time helps you keep focus in building up your speed and strength. Stay relaxed since there is no need to let out your full power at this point in time.

Pacing yourself

The best way to not run out of energy is to just run at 80% capacity during the first third or quarter of the race. If you run at top speed during the start, you will not have full speed when you need to reach the finish line.

You cannot rely on adrenaline rush alone. Do not be tempted to pass everyone early on since you may not be able to maintain your lead.

Gearing up for the finish

When you are at the quarter mark of the race, roughly before the 50 meter mark, raise your head and turn your body to the right side since you will be doing a turn.

During this turn, try to overtake those who are in front of you since turning is crucial, similar to how race car drivers find it crucial to time their turns in their race.

Run at full speed from this point and try to keep your position until the very end. Do not be too conscious of those around you and just concentrate on the line and give it your all. Your agony will be over soon so run like there’s no tomorrow.

After crossing the finish line, make sure you run several yards more and do not go to a complete stop immediately since this will shock your body.

Allow your body to rehydrate by drinking lots of fluids and resting your legs for a few minutes before you give your practice another go.

While you are running at top speed, take note of your movement and concentrate on your proper breathing since this will tremendously help you with your performance.

Do not look back to often since this causes you to slow down a little bit. Pass as many players as you can and once you have done that, just run at full speed down the line.

Do not look back and do not worry about the other players catching up. Just make sure you are breathing correctly and you are swinging your arms as you should.

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