How To Select a Belly Putter

Playing golf started out as a hobby for many people. Over time, the hobby has developed into competitive sport that even a friendly round can turn into a betting situation where each golf swing matters.

When the stakes are even higher, this is when you will need your golf equipment to rise to the occasion. Selection of the best equipment (not necessarily pricey) is very important.

One of the equipment used in golf is the belly putter. Check out the suggestions below about selecting a belly putter that you can rely on when you’re out in the greens.

Strike a balance between cost and quality

Ultimately, it’s all about your skill as a golfer that will make a difference when you’re playing golf so when selecting a belly putter, you don’t need the high-end sort but you will need something that is guaranteed to be made of quality materials.

You must also stick to the budget that you have set aside for this equipment. To make sure you can buy something within your range, go online and research about brands, costs, and features of belly putters on sale.

Narrow down your choices to three and go to the golf supplies and equipment store that you frequent to check out your choices in person.

If you don’t like doing the legwork for this, you can buy your belly putter online but you have to make sure you clearly understand the cost it takes for packing and shipping your order.

Another thing for you to think about is if you’ll be happy with your online purchase. What if you end up with a lemon? Nothing beats handling the merchandise yourself before plunking down money.

Look for the qualities that make a great belly putter

A good belly putter allows you to stay down longer and use a firm swing when getting a golf ball into the hole. Thus when choosing a belly putter look for something that is light, non-slip, and allows you a firm grip especially when swinging.

Consult your golfing buddies

Go ahead and ask your golfing buddies about selecting a belly putter. Try out their belly putters and see which one gives you the “it” factor e.g. feel, grip, and swing.

Ask a golf coach

When you’re out in the greens often, there’s no way you haven’t come across a golf coach or two. Approach these guys and get their advice about selecting a belly putter.

Try it before shelling out cash to pay for it

It would be silly to buy a belly putter and wait until you’re out in the greens to try if it works for you! Right there on the store while you’re still making a choice would be the best time to give a couple of belly putters a swing.

The store should have their own mini putting green for customers to use so go on it, place a golf ball on the felt ground or fake grass, position yourself as you would in the greens and use the belly putter to swing and hit the golf ball towards the hole.

These are all that you need to know when selecting a belly putter that will make you come out swinging!

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