How To Select a Golf Glove

When playing golf, it’s important to have the proper gear and equipment so you can perform at your best. Aside from shoes, there’s the apparel such as shirts, hats and pants. One other important item to have when playing golf is the proper gold glove.

A golf glove will ensure that you have the best grip possible of the club and help you perform at your best in the most comfortable manner possible. Here’s how to select a golf glove.

Determine how much you want to spend

Some golf gloves cost more than others. Top Flute, Callaway, Ethnic and Intec are just some of the manufacturers of top golf gloves in the market. Prices range from under $9 to up to $30. You should be able to get a good pair for about $10 to $15.

Real leather golf gloves may be more expensive than synthetic leather. However, the difference lies in the quality. Synthetic leather is cheaper, but it is also more comfortable at times. If you’re not a professional golfer, you don’t have to spend on top of the line equipment for your sport.

Determine the weather conditions you want to use the glove

Golf gloves are made of different materials. The most popular and comfortable is leather. However, if you like to play in the early mornings when it’s still a little nippy, you may want a little more insulation. If you want a pair you can wear whether it’s hot, humid or raining, then you may want to go with an all weather glove.

Determine if you are left handed or right handed

When buying a golf glove, you need to buy it for your target hand. This means it is the opposite hand of your dominant hand. If you are a southpaw, the golf glove goes on your right hand. If you are right handed, then the golf glove you are buying should fit on your left hand.

Select your size

Sizes come in small, medium, large and sometimes extra large, depending on the manufacturer. Use the sizing guide on the package to determine which one will fit you. However, you should also put it on. There’s nothing like trying on the glove to see how it feels and conforms to your hand.

It should fit snugly and not be loose on your hand. You should be able to flex your fingers and have a full range of motion without feeling anything constricting or binding you. Try to do a few practice swings to get a feel for the comfort of the glove.

Choose a color

Most gloves come in white, but there are also gloves in black. For ladies, you may even find pink gloves.

Take your time when selecting your glove. Make sure you are comfortable wearing it and that the fit is just right.

You can go on golf forums online or check product reviews from golf magazines and consumer reports to get updated reviews on different brands you may be considering. Once you find the best glove for you, you will feel more comfortable during your game.

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