How To Select Running Shoes

Not all running shoes are created equal. Some may fit others better than they fit you, while some may fit best on you. Selecting the right running shoes is vital because this would affect your performance, your knees, your back and your joints.

If you are a little overwhelmed by the thought of shopping for the perfect pair of running shoes, here are some tips that you might want to consider to lessen your anxiety.

Figure out the shape of your feet

This is determined by measuring the height of the arch under your feet. This can be done on your own through what people call the Wet Test.

All you have to do is wet the bottom of each foot and then stand on a large paper bag. After a minute of two take out your feet and observe your imprints. The three common foot types are the normal arch, the low and the high arch.

Determine your gait and know the right type of shoes for your foot type

Your gait oftentimes depends on the shape of your feet. To help you in selecting the perfect pair, follow these practical procedures while shoe shopping.

  • If your have a normal arch, buy shoes that focus on stability.
  • If you have a low arch, choose shoes with motion-control features.
  • Lastly, if you have a high arch, choose ones that are cushioned and protected.

Determine where your feet falls when your run

Examining the bottom of your shoe does this best. Check for worn out spots from the road. This will pretty much tell you which part of your foot gets the most pressure and force every time it hits the pavement.

Take into consideration the length of running time that you will be doing

Running shoes fall in two categories: the elite models and the basic ones. Your decision on which type of running shoe to buy would depend on the intensity and duration of your running.

Remember, the more you run, the more you should invest on sturdy and supportive running shoes.

Shop at shoe stores that offer variety

Shopping for the right pair of running shoes should be taken seriously. Though you can always shop online because of the variety it has, it would still be best to try out the pair of running shoes before you purchase them to make sure that they fit your feet perfectly.

Buy the right size

Checking if they fit well simply means looking at the top of the shoe once you fit your foot in. If you notice that one or two of your toes are jutting out, this probably means that the pair is too tight for you. Discomfort is another telltale sign that the shoes don’t fit right so.

Audition the shoes for at least 10 minutes

That’s right! Most shoe stores actually allow their customers to do a few rounds on their prospective shoes to make sure that they fit comfortably. So do not hesitate to ask the sales person for a try out up and down the hill.

With these practical tips, you are sure to find yourself the perfect pair of running shoes. Good luck!

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