How To Store Your Bike Safely

Aside from his dog, a man’s next best friend could be his bike. How cool is that? Now imagine a scenario where a man is riding his bike and alongside is his dog racing up to him.

Actually, this is not uncommon as you can see around in parks, beaches and roadsides a number of people doing similarly.

Hence, the conclusion that his bike is also a man’s best friend is deemed fitting. So if it is the same with you – think of proper ways to care for your bike in order to make it last for more years. Learn how to store your bike safely and be happy with results. Here are some useful tips:

Prepare the things you will need in storing your bike

You need to bring out a bike lube, bike locks and cables, bike helmets, bicycle racks and of course, your bike. If you had been prudent when you bought your bike, you should have already purchased these materials as they are indispensable when you own a bike. Anyhow, if you still do not have any of these items, you can purchase them at your local bike store.

Provide an exclusive space for your bike in your garage

Build a platform in one corner of the area that can approximately accommodate a bike. Measure the height and length of your bike as well as the breadth of its handles.

The measurements will determine how wide and tall the platform should be. Mount your bike on the platform each time you finish riding it.

Cover it with protective cloth or plastic to prevent it from dust and mildew. Install a dim light over the bike for illumination so that you will know even in the dark that the bike is there and you will not bump into it when you enter the garage.

Make sure to lubricate the chains with a bike lube before storing the bike in its designate place. Provide a small shelf over the bike where you can store the helmets and other accessories.

Attach a bicycle rack on a wall

The rack may be placed outside your house or in a separate storage area in your yard. The rack may also be mounted in one of the walls of your garage.

After every use, hang the bike on the rack, but you have to take care it is securely hung in place. Take particular attention on the handle bars because they might bend if not aligned properly.

Place the bike covers in place and tuck it under to be sure it is not blown by the wind. By hanging the bike on a rack, you are saving space because the floor or ground beneath it can still be used for other purposes.

Keep your bike in a garage at normal room temperature

Avoid placing the bike in a garage that is heated artificially as it might cause the tires to deteriorate. Besides, when the bike is stored in a heated area, it will suffer sudden change in temperature if you bring it out for a ride in cold weather. Exposure to extreme weather conditions will cause damage on your bike as the rims and tires might develop chips and cracks.

Place your bike away from the air conditioner and refrigerator

The freon emitted from these household appliances can cause the condition of the tires to decline.

Leaving your bike along the driveway, lawn and just anywhere might result to accidents. When such accidents happen, it is either someone will get hurt or your bike will incur damage. Hence it is best for you to observe safety every time you store your bike when it is not in use.

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