How To Start Riding in Cross Country Dirt Bike Races

Cross country dirt bike racing is considered to be one of the most exciting and popular sports in Europe and USA. Otherwise known as motocross, this type of racing actually is a form of motorcycle or all-terrain vehicle racing usually carried out in enclosed circuits or any other harsh terrains.

Though it provides the excitement and joy, cross country dirt bike racing possesses a serious threat to the safety of the participants, not to mention onlookers, who could also be hurt from unfortunate accidents.

This is the reason why most people would leave this particular sport to the professional and the experienced.

However, with the right amount of knowledge, skills and guts, you could also join the fray and work your way to official competitions. Here are some tips on how to start riding in cross country dirt bike races.

Get all the equipment that you need

The first thing that you would need is a good set of wheels. Make sure that you have the appropriate dirt bike, one you are comfortable riding.

You would also need to have the proper safety gear. Look for lightweight equipment that gives you the ample amount of protection and at the same time, does not provide much drag, which could serve to your disadvantage come racing time. Safety equipment is mandatory.

Look for a place where races are held

You could actually Google search some of the racing spots in your State. If you have racing magazines at hand, check them out and look for probable competition sites.

You could also ask fellow enthusiasts. Pay attention also to racing advertisements. Usually, it gives you the details and mechanics of how you could join cross country dirt bike races.

The television is a good source of information. Large events like cups are commonly advertised on TV, so as to entice a large number of participants, as well as, spectators. You should also check the local paper.

Check your vehicle

Before jumping into any race, you must first examine your bike and make sure that it is in tip top shape. Remember to routinely check your tires for abrasions or holes.

Make sure that you have properly equipped your bike with protective equipment such as hand guards, which protect your from stray branches or large obstructions during the race itself.

Clean your bike regularly and don’t let dust or dirt build-up for these might affect your bike’s performance.

Ask for guidance

Before participating in huge races, it is important to practice first with someone who has experience. Ask them for the proper techniques and skills required for cross country dirt bike racing.

Take note of the form and alignment of their body, for these details would be very useful in a races. Practice often and allow yourself to improve and develop during such a course.

With these tips, you would be ready to join cross country dirt bike races in no time! Just make sure that you take care of your body and take proper care to avoid accidents.

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