How To Train for a Bike Tour

Bicycle touring is an excellent way to exercise your legs and satisfy your eyes on new places. This can be considered as a hobby for most. It is also a good way to bond with someone. Accomplishing a long bike tour can be fulfilling and life-changing but it can also be tiring.

Going on a bike tour demands physical endurance, specifically targeting your leg and thigh muscles. If you’re planning to go on a bike tour, you have to prepare yourself physically and emotionally.

Training for any type of bike tour requires dedication and hard work. If you don’t train you’ll end up having sore and aching muscles before you know it.

Get acquainted with your bike

Probably the most difficult aspect of bike touring for new riders is rear pain or saddle soreness. A bike rider who intends to tour for a long bike ride needs to get accustomed and be familiar with his bike to lessen any saddle soreness during the actual ride.

Have progressive bike training

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert bike rider, training for a bike tour needs to have progressive bike training to be physically prepared for the actual bike ride.

You have to build the long ride for several weeks before you can say you’re ready. Begin with short rides of fifteen to twenty minutes in duration and evaluate how you feel afterwards.

If you feel good enough, increase the duration to thirty minutes and eventually to an hour-long ride. Make a schedule that includes light days and rest days.

Don’t over exert yourself in having hour-long bike rides every single day. You can have alternate days for light and heavy drives.

For every three-day bike ride, appoint a rest day to let your body recover from rigorous training. If the bike tour includes difficult terrain, train on some hills to ready yourself.

A good mileage is fifteen miles per hour on moderate terrain. Gradually increase your mileage at your own pace throughout the course of your training.

Always remember to replace and bring extra supplies

When people work out, they lose fluids. A general rule in any physically demanding activity such as bike riding is to always replace what is loss (from your body).

Hydration is very important in bike training for any type of riders to replenish the fluid loss and maintain physical strength.

Stock up on some sports drink to replace electrolyte losses. Remember to always eat before training to have sufficient energy. Safety should always be a priority so always put on safety gears and extra bike tools for emergency.

Bicycle touring is a rewarding experience to tone your body while seeing new places. It’s both an exercise and a hobby so don’t be afraid to try your hand at it.

Just always keep in mind not to push yourself too much. Every person has a different pace in keeping up with physical activities. Each has a unique way of adapting so don’t compare yourself with others. Work at your own pace to avoid any health issues later on.

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