How To Use a Cycling Helmet Properly

A cycling helmet is the protective gear you use on your head when you go for bike rides. It receives the blow of the force, instead of your head, should you accidentally fall from your bike.

Accidents do happen and it is always in your best interest to keep yourself well-protected from injuries, especially those on the head, which can be life-threatening at its worst. Both children and adults alike need to use a cycling helmet, which is an essential safety measure.

When you do have one, knowing how to wear it is just as important as a cycling helmet is rendered useless unless it is properly used. Listed below are steps to take so that your helmet serves its purpose of protecting your head completely.

Select the right cycling helmet

Choose a helmet that has a seal of approval coming from concerned organizations such as the American National Standards Institute or the Consumer Product safety Commission.

Ensure that your helmet fits onto your head snugly, meaning that it should not move more than an inch in any way.

Cycling helmets come with sizing pads to keep them more securely fitted around the head. When trying it on, make sure that it does not affect your vision in any way. If it does, look for another one.

Wear the helmet properly

Let your helmet rest flat over your head, making sure that it is able to cover the upper portion of your forehead. It should not tilt either forward or backward and its straps should take on the shape of a V below each of your ears.

Fasten the chin strap right under your chin, not around your jaw. Make use of the helmet’s sizing pads to get a snugger fit should you notice it rocking around in different directions.

To ensure that your helmet remains flat over your head, use your chin strap to adjust it. This is to avoid your helmet from tilting forward, which exposes your forehead to more danger should an accident occur.

If the helmet tilts backward even after tightening the chin strap, it may be necessary to get yourself a smaller one.

Pointers for safety

The cycling helmet is used specifically for biking so remind your children that they must take it off when playing, as it can also be a safety risk.

It is especially dangerous when a child is climbing trees or playing around in swings or slides on the playground, as the strap could get caught somewhere and cause choking. For rented helmets, make sure you check for damages that could make it unsafe for use. After being in a biking accident, replace the helmet with a new one.

Never under-estimate the need for a cycling helmet. Wearing it could save your life because you will never know when an accident could happen.

The head is a very delicate part of the body which when injured, could result in very serious consequences. Wherever you may be going, whether short distances or far, wear your cycling helmet each and every time you use your bike.

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