How To Use the Correct Tire Pressure while Mountain Biking

Just like in vehicles, it is important for you to have properly inflated bike tires especially when you are planning to go dirt bike riding. An overly inflated tire can easily burst with the slightest bump while an under inflated tire can be tiresome to ride and will also damage the tire. It is very important to check the tire pressure of your tires before you ride out and the list of tips below should help you do just that.

Getting your bike pump

The first thing you need to do is to get your bike pump and see if it is still in good working condition. There should be no air leaks along the hose.

Checking your tire pressure

The next thing for you to do is to get a feel of the current tire pressure by squeezing the tire a bit and then feeling roughly how much air is needed from the bike pump. Typically, mountain bikes are pumped somewhere within the pressure reading of 35 to 65 psi. 65 is obviously a rock hard tire and 35 is a softer version. Do not worry about bursting your tire when you are off-road since you will deflate a bit of it just before you hit the off-road part.

Getting ready to rough it out

When you reach your off-road track, pinch and deflate your tire about five to ten psi just before riding it. This will give your tire a bit of a give when you hit the bumps and rocks. You should do the same when you reach sandy area since softer tire will give you some additional traction when you need it most.

Getting to the higher ground

When you are going through rockier parts, a harder tire will protect the rubber from easily bursting open. This will help you prevent a flat tire especially when you are in the middle of nowhere.

Bringing your pump wherever

You should bring your bike pump wherever you go when you are biking. This should be in your bag along with your water supplies and first aid kit. This is helpful when you are going to far-flung places where you are not sure if there is emergency roadside assistance available.

Now that you know how to inflate your tires properly, you should always check your tires for its general condition from time to time, especially if you are a heavy cyclist. Have it checked by professionals once in a while and have your other parts of the bike checked to.

Items such as the brakes, the body and the handle bars should be in good condition whenever you ride out. Always keep your bike clean when storing it so that mud and other items will not harden on your equipment, which can cause brittleness in the long run.

If you are a serious biker then you should also start investing in good tires and quality bike pump. Nowadays there are different types of pumps that may even have a digital display of the reading instead of the old fashioned ones.

Although seasoned bikers still prefer the old style pumps since they believe it is more accurate and even lower maintenance.

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