How To Use Un-Weighting for Mountain Biking Control

Remember when you first got started on biking as a past time? You probably started loving to bike on four wheels instead of two, the two extra wheels were training wheels that allowed you to become familiar with the bike as you circled the neighborhood block.

As you became older, the neighborhood block became boring and you went on to explore other neighborhoods and before you know it, you’ve graduated to mountain biking.

That’s a really long stretch of rough terrain but the natural high and adrenaline is so good especially when you’re introduced to new bike trails that poses new challenges.

For a serious biker like you, navigating mountain trails is all about skill. One of the skills involved in mountain biking is pressure control of which falls what’s called Un-Weighting: removing your weight off a bike so that you can bounce through obstacles while still being in full control of your single-track vehicle. Here’s how it’s done!

Learn everything there is to know about pressure control

This is an important aspect that will teach you how to manage your bike when going over obstacles in rough terrain.

You might want to keep to take note that Un-Weighting will come most useful to you when confronted with obstacles like large rocks, tree stumps, rough patches of soil, exposed roots, and even slithering critters that often appear when you least expect them too. It’s all part of mountain biking so best be prepared for these!

Watch how Kangaroos leap

Essentially, you’ll see that kangaroos heavily rely on their hindquarters and legs for power. Look at how they do it to get an initial introduction on how Un-Weighting will go down once you try to practice it on your bike.

Practice on a rough terrain

Choose a location in your favorite bike trail to practice Un-Weighting. This spot must allow you navigate and move about without placing danger on yourself (and whoever is filming you while you practice).

It is also preferred that you practice on a spot away from sharp falls or blind curves and bends in the trail.

Position your bike on the highest point in the trail

This will give you the momentum that you’ll need to slide down into and go over the obstacles.

Assume the Un-Weighting position

Within seconds as you approach the first obstacle in the trail, use the strength in your arms and legs to push your frame off the bike. Allow yourself to gradually lift off the bike without pedaling.

The momentum or gravitational pull will take you through the obstacle especially since you took off from a higher position.

As you use your arms and legs to lift your weight thereby Un-Weighting your bike, the action will make you feel like you have just launched yourself from a trampoline. Ergo, light and breezy.

Slowly assume a hunched position

Once you get over an obstacle, lower yourself on the bike and assume a hunched position. This position will get you back safely on your bike while also allowing you to grip the front of your bike securely without unbalancing yourself.

It’s all so easy, right?! Now go out there and practice!

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