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How To Prepare for a Winter Triathlon

Winter is an off season for some of the more popular sports, but it is also the time for training and body conditioning for triathletes in preparation for the spring and summer triathlon competitions. Joining a winter triathlon is one way for the body and mind to remain in good condition and improve cycling skills. […]

Running & Jogging

How To Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Patriot’s Day falls on every third Monday of April, the same day the famous Boston Marathon is being held. The Boston Marathon used to be a local event in Boston, Massachusetts but its fame made it rise to one of the world’s well-known race events. It was first held in 1897 after the 1896 Summer […]

Running & Jogging

How To Protect Your Feet While Running

Running has gotten quite popular in the last few years. It’s great cardio, you can get a lot of fresh air, meet new people and it isn’t a contact sport so there is less opportunity to injure yourself. The one essential to jogging are your feet, therefore you should spare no expense in the protection […]

Running & Jogging

How To Run a Painless 10K Race

To everyone who regularly runs or have started running, they know that at some point, the joint pain will start to creep in. This is most especially true for long distance runners. If you are planning to run a 10k then you need to start early in training yourself so that your body will not […]

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How To Run a Marathon in Another Country

These days, more and more people start to be conscious of their health. Aside from maintaining a right diet, many seem to start working out more as well. Marathon is becoming a popular choice amongst people who want to stay fit and healthy. This is more exciting than simply jogging around the block. You get […]

Running & Jogging

How To Run the 200-Meter Dash

Unlike the 100 meter dash that is over in usually 10 seconds, the 200 meter dash requires a certain level of stamina to keep up the rapid movement of your legs. You also need to have a strategy (and not just running the fastest possible way) since the 200 meters is not that over at […]

Running & Jogging

How To Select Running Shoes

Not all running shoes are created equal. Some may fit others better than they fit you, while some may fit best on you. Selecting the right running shoes is vital because this would affect your performance, your knees, your back and your joints. If you are a little overwhelmed by the thought of shopping for […]

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How To Train for your First Marathon

Running is really addictive. Before you even notice it, it has already grown on you. First, you would find yourself running small fun runs. Then, you would start craving for more mileage and start joining 10-kilometer runs. You would then start asking yourself if you can push your body a little more and end up […]

Running & Jogging

How To Train for a Marathon during Summer

So you want to run a marathon? Though the first marathon which was spanned between Marathon to Athens was ran by a Greek messenger, Pheidippides, without prior training, marathon requires lot of preparation and training to ensure that you are fit enough to finish the race. In fact, Pheidippides, once reaching Athens and announcing their […]